I’ve seen three eagles in two days…well, more likely, two in two days, because the one I saw today is probably one of the two I saw yesterday.  Now, I’ve seen eagles before. I’ve worked with eagles before, and have seen them up close and personal in a way that most humans never will.  I’ve seen them in the wild before, too, but that’s been a rarity.

Yesterday, I saw two bald eagles soaring over my neighborhood.  Right over my motherfucking HOUSE. Today, I saw one soaring overhead as I drove, only a couple miles away from home. The eagles are making themselves known to me.

I believe in signs. And while I am agnostic insofar as I don’t know exactly what form this larger energy connecting us all takes, I do think that it’s there – out there, within us, whatever – and it will give us messages if and when we take the time to listen.

So what do these eagles have to teach me? Yes, on a very literal level they’re telling me “it’s getting closer to spring and we’re ramping up for courtship and mating season and we live in this area, dumbass.” But I think there’s more to it than that.

Googling eagle symbolism tends to pull up lots of problematic cultural appropriation about spirit animals and totems. And, if you sift through that stuff, you’re left with a lot bullshit that anyone who’s spent more than ten minutes in the company of bald eagle here on the ground will chuckle at. Graceful and majestic? Silent and noble? Eh, they’re scavengers and like to steal food from osprey and they cackle like chickens on helium.

But when they’re in flight, soaring high above the ground? There’s something magical in that. They have incredible vision; they can see so much when they take flight.

So what do I think the eagles have to tell me? I’ve been feeling stuck down in the mire lately, worn down by negative self-talk and frustration borne of comparing myself to others. I’ve been caught up in  the cackling here on the ground, holding on to that negativity like an eagle holding on so tightly to its prey that it refuses to take flight.

I need to take flight, let go of the negative chatter and just let myself soar.

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