Learning to code, part infinity

I’ve tried to teach myself to code in the past. I have said “Hello World” in a few obsolete computer languages over the past two decades; I know enough that I can half-ass my way through HTML and CSS, with a few snippets of javascript and PHP thrown in here and there.

Basically, the stuff that I’ve learned well enough to use has been out of necessity: there’s something I’ve wanted/needed to do, and WYSIWYG stuff wasn’t cutting it, so I just learned to do it from scratch through a random mix of tutorials and backward engineering. I think that’s why I never really got past “Hello World” when trying to learn to program. Fuck the theoretical knowledge and plop me into the praxis; I need to make it useful pronto or I lose interest. This is a running thread for me – I had the same kind of problems in academia when talking literary or cultural theory. I’m not a fan of thinking thinky thoughts just for the philosophical wank of it; root that shit in practical application so that I can get a three-dimensional understanding of it, of why it matters. (See Karl Marx’s Theses of Feuerbach if you want to wank philosophically about theory/praxis).  So, yeah, that’s a thing for me.

Anyway, how does this relate to my current, post-academic mid-life crisis? I want to have an app that does things, and there isn’t an app that does the things I want it to do. So I need to make that happen, which means I need to learn how to make an app. And preferably not one that fucking tells the world “Hello.” Because I’m an anti-social bitch to begin with and wouldn’t greet that many people at once anyway.

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