Nevertheless, she persisted…

It’s been a tough couple of months. After some distance from the academic bullshit, I find myself floundering at the prospect of life without guidelines, structure. The existential angst hangs over me, even as we have a zillion things to do in preparation for the cross-country move. Which, by the way, has a date: July 10.  That’s when movers should be here to pack the stuff we have left for them to pack. That means we have a month to pack up the house, to tie up loose ends here before undertaking what, I hope, will be our last move for at least a decade.

I need to make lists. I need to have the security of a list from which I can mark things off.

In less anxious news, I am currently five weeks into Couch to 5k and being more diligent in my ketogenic eating habits. I want to get into better shape, both physically and mentally, and this is helping.

Lastly, because I want to make sure I remember it for later, I did this method of cooking chicken breasts in the Instant Pot for today’s lunch, using garlic, curry powder, and garam masala to season the chicken.  Definitely a do again recipe.

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