Yelling at Clouds

My spouse is currently in New England where he will be closing on our house tomorrow.  It’s the next to last week of classes, so I obviously couldn’t go. This week I’ve been juggling solo-parent duty with the boys on top of the usual work stuff.

The final countdown of the semester has begun (let’s be honest – it began the day in February when I finally said “Fuck it”), and the obnoxiousness is getting intolerable with the students.  Requesting extra credit, skipping classes, and some stuff today that just floored me….seriously, how can a grown-ass adult (and yes, they are adults) blatantly skip my class and then ask me for special treatment? ON THE SAME DAY? I just don’t get it.  Maybe I’m just getting too old for this shit, but I would never pull the shit that’s been thrown at me this semester.

Yelling at Clouds

To put a positive spin on it, my frustrations about this stuff are just another indicator that I’m making the right decision. I haven’t gotten nostalgic yet; I haven’t felt wistful or had any moments of buyer’s remorse (so to speak). Maybe it’s that this particular set of circumstances has soured me on the profession; I don’t know.

I do know that I just don’t have the passion I used to have for the job. I’ve lost the spark that kept me going through my 4.5 years on the market. Whatever the case, I need the change.

It’s time to stop yelling at clouds.

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